HV-900B Big Discount Cheap ICU Ventilator
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HV-900B Big Discount Cheap ICU Ventilator

* Removable 15 inch large touch screen, hang-up type that allows the operator to hang the screen pad wherever requires.
* Easy to operate
* Thinner screen pad with easy handle
* Day and night mode change
* Support INVASIVE and NON-INVASIVE ventilation mode incl. adult and pediatric.
* Support leakage compensation.
* Automatic alarm setting adjusting
* Assistant Nebulization treatment/O2 therapy
* Multi-mode ventilation function (VCV, SIMV, PSV, PCV, A/C, SPONT/CPAP, BIPAP, APRV, SIPPV, SIGH)
* Intelligence operating system
* Air compressor support
* Self testing and calibration with faulty code display
* Leak test and compliance test
* Humidifier with temperature adjustment
* Flow(optional) and pressure trigger

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Product Description


HV-900B ICU ventilator can be applied on both adult and baby(weight over 2.5kg) for assisting or controlling the respiration of the patient.
Technology Specifications:
*  Frequency: 1-99bpm(1-40bpm under SIMV)
*  Pressure range: 5-80mbar
*  Ptrig range: -20~20cmH2O
*  Calibration: Touch pad/Flow rate/Pressure/FiO2
*  Safety valve:<12.5kPa
*  Parameter monitoring: tidal volume, MV, breathing rate, inhaling time, Paw, PEEP, pressure control, pressure support, FiO2.
*  Waveform display: Pressure-time, flow-time, Volume-time, Pressure-volume loop, Flow-volume loop.
*  Alarm: no tidal volume (asphyxia), MV too high (low), Paw too high (low), FiO2 too high (low), O2 or air failure, AC power failure, back-up battery too low.

Power input 220V/110V,50HZ/60HZ
Backup battery Internal rechargeable, Sealed Lead Acid,12V
Pipeline input range 280kpa~600kpa
Breathing rate 1~100/min
Ventilation mode VCV,PCV,PSV,CPAP,A/C, SIGH, SIMV, MANUAL, APRV, BIPAP, Non-invasive ventilation
PEEP 3~30cmH2O
CPAP 0~2.0kpa
Gas source O2,Air
Tidal volume 20~2000ml
Oxygen concentration 21%~100%
Waveform display P-T,F-T,P-V loop

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