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 Focus on full solutions for mobile medical imaging diagnosis, which is a high-tech company featured with X ray machine equipment, production, sales and after-sales service.
Committed to the mobility, mini-type, intelligence technology innovation of portable X ray machine.

Provide more convenient, more efficient and more accurate clinical diagnosis for the protection of life.

All digital X ray machine have International Quality Certificate such as ISO and CE. 
We guarantee fast delivery service and competitive price. Your future purchase includes 12 months of manufacturing fault warranty for each machine.
X Ray Machine Service & Support

X ray machine service

Standardized procedures throughout the entire process to ensure smooth and efficient processes.
Professional technical services & X ray machine support, problems can be solved easily.

Fast Speediness

7X24 hours after-sales hotline: +86-025-84452678 quick answers to technical questions.
Provide customers with diversified services 
such as remote support and on-site services.

Satisfy Satisfaction

Regular customer return visits and continuous optimization of the service system.
Aiming at customer satisfaction and continuously improving service quality.
X Ray Machine Solutions

Check Symptoms in the Body

Conventional x-ray images are useful for doctors. They allow them to check symptoms originating inside the body.

Diagnosing Injuries

A bone x-ray will use a small amount of ionizing radiation. It will produce pictures of a bone in the body. This will help doctors diagnose joint dislocation or fractured bones.

Dental Check

A dentist will get images of your teeth with a dental x-ray. This helps them check your oral health. These x-rays use low levels of radiation. Your dentist can identify any problem areas near your teeth or gums.


This is a type of medical imaging that uses x-rays to get pictures of the internal structure of the breasts. Mammography can help detect breast cancer in the early stage.

Joint Changes and Arthritis

A specialist can pick up on joint changes that reveal arthritis by using an arthrogram.
Working Principle of X Ray Machine
The working of an X-ray machine can be summarized as a three-step procedure, i.e., exposing the object to the X-rays, absorption and scattering of the radiations, and formation of the image on the film.
Initially, the object whose internal image is required to be formed is placed in direct exposure to the x-rays produced by the X-ray tube of the X-ray machine. The radiations are directed towards the body part that is required to be examined. The basic property of the X-rays enables the radiations to pass through the soft surfaces of the object and get absorbed by the rigid and dense portions. The radiations passing through the soft surfaces tend to get scattered, while the radiations falling on the dense surfaces get absorbed. The partial and complete passing of radiations through the object tends to form an impression of the internal structure of the object on the film.
Healicom X Ray Machine Certifications
All digital X ray machine have International Quality Certification such as ISO and CE.
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