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  • [Exhibition] Meeting at Eurasia expomed exhibition in Turkey
    Beautiful Turkey is full of wealth and opportunity.We Healicom Medical will attend Eurasia expomed exhibition on Mar 19-21st,2020.Healicom Medical Equipment CO.,LTD is a one-stop solution company for Medical Equipments.We have longer than 10years rich experience in Medical Equipments,our equipments
  • The Rise of Mobile X-Ray Technology
    In the ever-evolving landscape of medical technology, the rise of mobile X-ray machines marks a significant leap forward. This innovation has not only expanded the accessibility of essential diagnostic tools but also revolutionized the way healthcare professionals approach patient care. The advent o
  • Advanced Mobile X-Ray Technology To Improve Workflow, Usability And Reduce Stress And Strain for Radiology Staff
    The integration of advanced mobile X-ray machine technology has marked a monumental shift in the realm of radiology. This article explores how these innovations have not only transformed the process of radiographic imaging but also significantly improved workflow efficiency, usability, and the overa
  • ​Advancing Medical Imaging: High-Frequency X-ray Machines in Orthopedics, Emergency Rooms, And Operating Rooms
    The evolution of diagnostic imaging in medical settings has been significantly propelled by high-frequency X-ray machines, particularly in orthopedics, emergency rooms, and operating rooms. This article elucidates the distinctive role of high-frequency X-ray machines in visualizing intricate anatomi
  • Why A Quality X-Ray Machine Is So Important
    In the realm of medical diagnostics, the significance of a quality X-ray machine cannot be overstated. These machines not only serve as a critical tool in diagnosing various conditions but also ensure that the process is as efficient and safe as possible for both patients and healthcare professional
  • How Has Digital C-ARM Technology Revolutionized Medical Imaging By Reducing Radiation Exposure Risks?
    In the realm of medical imaging, the advent of digital C-ARM technology has marked a significant leap forward, particularly in minimizing radiation exposure risks. Traditionally, X-ray machines have been indispensable in diagnosing and treating various medical conditions. However, concerns regarding
  • How is mammography test done?
    Mammography is a crucial diagnostic test used to detect breast cancer in its early stages. Understanding how this test is performed can help alleviate any concerns or anxieties one may have. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of the mammography test, discussing its purpose, procedure, and tips for a successful examination. ​In conclusion, understanding the mammography test and its significance is essential for all women. By familiarizing ourselves with the procedure and adhering to the recommended guidelines, we can ensure a successful and reliable examination. Early detection through mammography can save lives, providing women with the opportunity for timely intervention and treatment.
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