HUC-320 Hand-carried Color doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System
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HUC-320 Hand-carried Color doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System

HUC-320 is a brilliant choice for those who require outstanding image quality, excellent portability and intelligent workflow.

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Product Description

HUC-320 Hand-carried Color doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System

Main Features
1. 2D, CFM, M, PW, CW, CMM, DPDI, AMM, 3D/4D, ZPage, ZLive, TDI, Elastic Imaging, Panoramic Imaging
2. THI, SRI, SCI,TSI, FCI, EFov, HR flow, B-steer
3. Standard Auto IMT measurement
4. Support local and global amplification
5. Support PW auto trace and auto calculation
6. Preposed USB ports, supporting multi-data transmission
7. Dual Live and Multi-synchronization technologies
8. Biopsy function

Technical Specifications
Computer specs
12.1″High definition LED monitor,0-90 degree adjustable angle
Imaging Modes
B, B Steer, 2B/4B, M, B/M, CDFI, PDI, CM, PW, AMM, CW, TDI (TVI, TVD, TVM, TEI), Panoramic, Color Panoramic, Trapezoidal, 3D/4D.
2 Activated transducer connectors
Raw data storage for offline report and parameter adjustment
Clinical Applications
Abdomen, Cardiac, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Urology, Pediatric, Small Parts, Vascular, Superficial, Orthopedics, MSK, Nerve, Custom.
Support local and global amplification
Optimization key
Duleplex and Triplex mode
Data Interface
lVideo,VGA, DICOM3.0, USB, Printer port

Technical Advantages

uSeed Platform

HUC-320 facilitates accurate diagnosis based on uSeed metadata beamforming imaging technology platform. This brand. new platform is developed 

byCPU + GPU heterogeneous computing technology. The images in uSeed platform are saved as metadata for postprocessing.

Pulse Inverse Harmonic lmaging PIHI

PIHI reduces the distortion generated by the fundamental wave, and greatly improve the signal-to- noise ratio.

Speckle Reduction Imaging

SRI technology significantly reduces the unwanted speckle, provides enhanced tissue boundary and tissue echo for confident clinical diagnosis.

Spatial Compound Imaging

SCI provides better contrast resolution, reduces the speckle noise and smoothes the imaging of homogeneous tissue.



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