The structure of anesthesia machine
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The structure of anesthesia machine

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The anesthesia machine sends anesthesia into the patient's alveoli through a mechanical circuit to form an anesthetic gas partial pressure. After dispersing into the blood, it directly inhibits the central nervous system, thereby producing the effect of general anesthesia. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of anesthesia machines, hoping to help everyone.

Structural principle of anesthesia machine.

The so-called anesthesia refers to the temporary loss of consciousness in all or part of the organism for surgical treatment. There are various methods of anesthesia, such as acupuncture anesthesia, injection anesthesia and inhalation anesthesia. The method of general anesthesia used in hospitals is still mainly inhalation anesthesia. An anesthesia machine is an instrument that uses inhalation anesthesia for general anesthesia.

Modern anesthesia machines are developing towards an intelligent and integrated system. The components are coordinated, flexible, and reliable. The structure is compact and reasonable. The user interface is clear and friendly, and the operation is convenient and fast. Electronically controlled gas delivery system, built-in electronically controlled anesthesia ventilator, integrated breathing circuit, integrated gas monitoring system, high and low microflow anesthesia methods are the best combination of modern anesthesia machines. The new generation of anesthesia workstations will be expanded into the entire medical system, which can network with hospital equipment, communicate, define, adjust the anesthesia process and records, evaluate the effect of anesthesia, improve the quality of patient care, and create a good working atmosphere for clinicians. The modern anesthesia machine can be divided into: gas supply and delivery system, anesthetic gas vaporizer, breathing circuit, anesthesia ventilator, safety monitoring system and residual gas removal system.

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