Introduction to the ventilator
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Introduction to the ventilator

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In modern clinical medicine, ventilator is an effective means to artificially replace the function of spontaneous ventilation. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of ventilator, hoping to help everyone.

  • An introduction to ventilators.

  • The company has ventilator products.

An introduction to ventilators.

In modern clinical medicine, ventilators are widely used in respiratory failure caused by various reasons, respiratory anesthesia management, respiratory support therapy and emergency resuscitation in major operations. very important position. A ventilator is an important medical device that can prevent and treat respiratory failure, reduce complications, and save and prolong the lives of patients.

The function of modern ventilator is no longer a single multiple buttons, but is adjusted with one button to facilitate clinical use. The use of digital adjustments improves the accuracy of the settings. At the same time, clinicians need a wealth of theoretical and practical experience in order to better match the setting to the patient's situation. The ventilator also provides a safety range for commonly used parameters, beyond which confirmation is required, increasing the safety of mechanical ventilation. With the improved ventilator monitoring display, the set parameters are clearly displayed on the screen, making it easier for clinicians to assess the patient's condition and allowing data to be transmitted over the network, which is also beneficial for managing mechanical ventilation to guide therapy.

After years of clinical use, foreign ventilator manufacturers have quickly integrated some useful parameters, such as RVR, MIP, Po.1, PlP, au grid P, into the monitoring system, providing clinicians with the basis for setting adjustment and mitigation . In recent years, the number of hookless automata has quietly increased_5. 5. The ventilator incorporates important patient parameters, body weight and ideal ventilation parameters, ABG, which improves mechanical ventilation and reduces the time to operate the machine. In general, the network microcomputerization of the ventilator provides a scientific platform for mechanical ventilation and contributes to the development of the application level of mechanical ventilation.

The company has ventilator products.

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