HDR-1100 Medical 50kW 1000mAs Touch Screen Vertical digital x-ray machine
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HDR-1100 Medical 50kW 1000mAs Touch Screen Vertical digital x-ray machine


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Product Description

Advanced InvaRay Digital Acquisition and processing system

Based on our InvaRay Digital Imaging Platform, HDR-1100 has integrated several WDM-patented new technologies. Not only is the image quality further improved, a series of innovative clinical imaging functions are also offered to our clients.

Multi-Spectrum Processing Technique

MPT function can divide the image signals into several channels according to their distinctive features. Then signals in each channel are calibrated and adjusted as per their respective features and different focus of each picture. Thus, all details of the image can be best displayed.

Auto Shutter

The residual image of collimator is eliminated; thus, the visual effect of the image is optimized, ensuring that the ROI is most prominent. Meanwhile, the comprehensive post-processing tools provide radiologists with abundant space for image calibration and processing.

Auto APR

The up-to-date Auto APR function can automatically set up parameters for examinations of different parts of the body and different positions. It can also automatically choose appropriate post processing methods to optimize and characterize the image quality. The whole work can be completed as the press of the hand switch with optimal image output.

Digital- Correlative

The novel digital correlative algorithm enables accurate image stitching, thus full spine and full leg imaging applications can be easily achieved.

Convenient one-button acquisition function

Based on the InvaRay software platform, HDR-1100 is DICOM Work list compatible. Once the necessary patient information is retrieved from HIS/RIS system before an operation, the system will complete the parameter setup automatically. Meanwhile, personalized parameter recommendations are provided to produce images that are better adapted to the observation habit of individual surgeons, freeing them from complex pro-surgery machine setups and enabling them to focus on the surgeries.

Dedicated Acquire Protocol

Dedicated Acquire Protocol embeds filtering for specific body part and grey balance processing in auto image optimization and display function and image acquisition process, hundreds of acquisition curves are embedded to clearly demonstrate the picture of even a small focus.

Technical Specifications
Radiography kV
40~ 150kV; mA Range: 10~ 630mA
Exposure Time
1ms~ 10s, mAs: 0.1mAs~ 1000mAs
Effective size
430mm×430mm (17”×17”)
Pixel Matrix
3k × 3k, Pixel size: 139um
X-ray Tube Assembly
Focal Spot: 0.6mm/1.2mm
Anode Heat Capacity
Integrated Radiographic Table


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