HCKX-B Medical Wall Mounted UV Air Sterilizer for Operating Room
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HCKX-B Medical Wall Mounted UV Air Sterilizer for Operating Room

The UV sterilizer is mainly composed of shell, UV lamp sterilizer, anion device, activated carbon filter, electrostatic adsorption device, fan and control system. The sterilization principle is to use the UV lamp sterilizer to irradiate the circulatory wind, then utilize the circulatory wind to sterilize and disinfect the dynamic air. Combining with the activated carbon filter, anion device and electrostatic adsorption device, the sterilizer will continuously sterilize and disinfect the air in the room and keep the air fresh.

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Product Description

Scope of application

This sterilizer is mainly applied in sterilization and disinfection of the air in operating room, ICU, treatment room and ward, it could also be applied in sterilization and disinfection of other rooms of which the air is required being sterilized.

Main functions

1. Disinfection effect:Steriiization rate of white staphylococcus 99.9%.

2. Filter,dust-removal and bacterium sterilization:It uses the physical method to filter out the dust and microorganisms from the air,and coordinate with the UV to sterilize the air.It also could effectively prevent the dust from effecting the irradiance of UV tube,the sterilizer uses the removable and replaceable photocatalyst filter.

3. High intensity UV sterilization:The UV sterilizing tubes are scientifically composes the high intensity UV irradiation are with a irradiance of over 10000/cm2,driven by the fan, the room air will be flow through UV irradiation area in circulation and then be sterilize in,

4. Fresh air containing oxygen anion:The oxygen anion is praised as Air Vitamins, which is necessary for the human life and health,a certain coots of the oxygen anion could improve the air quality in the room, and will be good for the human health.

5. Good reliability:The sterilizer use the physical sterilization. During the operation,it will not generate any harmful gas or

substance,the high intensity UV light is enclosed in the airway of the sterilizer.the initial generation rate of ozone is less

than or equal to 0.05g/kw/h,it will not be harmful to the human or equipments.

6. Easy operation:it is equipped with the functions such as manual timing sterilization,automatic monitoring of pollution

source,program controlled.

Technical Specifications
Wall Mounted UV Ultraviolet Air Sterilizer Equipments
Instrument classification
Class II
Applicaiton Vol.
Air Flow
≥900 (m3/h)
≥1000 (m3/h)
Input watts
Lamp Life
Noise db(A)
Inner UV radiation intensity(uw/cm2)


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