Precautions for Ultrasound Machines
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Precautions for Ultrasound Machines

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Portable ultrasound machine is a new type of ultrasound machine successfully developed by American scientists in July 2013. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of ultrasound machine, hoping to help everyone.

  • Precautions for Ultrasound Machines.

  • The company has ultrasound machine products.

Precautions for Ultrasound Machines.

1. When the ultrasound probe is not in use, it must be plugged and unplugged. Before connecting the ultrasound probe, the power is turned off. When the probe is inserted and removed from the ultrasound machine, the power of the ultrasound machine must be cut off. If this operation is performed under the condition of power-on, the plugging and unplugging of the probe will cause rapid aging due to repeated contact and disconnection, and even a strong current will be generated due to the multiple instantaneous conduction of the current, which will burn out the probe. wire or chip, etc.

2. It is strictly forbidden to knock, bump or drop the probe of the ultrasound machine.

3. Use qualified ultrasound couplant, and it is strictly forbidden to contain oil or other chemical solvents.

4. It is forbidden to enter the liquid. The structure of the ultrasound machine probe is not watertight. In the process of use, once the liquid is immersed, the internal circuit of the ultrasound machine probe will be short-circuited, making the system unable to work normally.

5. Correctly identify the material and select the appropriate speed of sound.

Before measuring, be sure to find out what kind of material the measured object is, and preset the sound speed correctly. For high-temperature workpieces, the thickness value is corrected according to the actual temperature, preset according to the corrected sound speed or measured according to normal temperature. This step is critical, and mistakes are often made by ignoring the impact of this aspect in field testing.

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