HJ7000 Portable DEXA Ultrasound bone scan densitometer Machine
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HJ7000 Portable DEXA Ultrasound bone scan densitometer Machine

This product has features of elegant appearance, easy to carry and operate. The large bone density database can diagnose the human bone situation accurately and quickly.

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Product Description

HJ7000 Portable DEXA Ultrasound bone scan densitometer Machine


HJ7000/7000+ Radius/Tibia Ultrasound Bone Sonometer is the new generation Radius/Tibia Ultrasound Bone Sonometer which suitable for

different age groups measurement.

Product Features

HJ7000/7000+ use the ultrasound to measure the Radius and Tibia bone density, the measurement process is no wound, especially suitable

for pregnant women, children and other special populations.

HJ7000/7000+ suitable for all kinds of medical and physical examination institutions, it can provide detailed measurement data for the 

elderly osteoporosis and the development of children bone density.

Safe and Fast measuring

Product Advantages

• Light and portable

The product appearance is small and elegant, easy to carry, can link desktop computer, laptop or tablet.

• Convenient

Measurement position is radius (or tibia), it is very convenient to use.

• Result accurate

The measurement results are not affected by soft tissue thickness, bone size, and skeletal shape.

• Wide applicability

including Asia, Europe and other region database, multi- age data can be chose.

Product Parameters

Measurement position
Radius (HJ7000) 1 Radius. Tibia ( HJ7000+)
Measurement theory
Critical Angle Side Wave Theory
Ultrasound Parameter
SOS, T-score
Other parameters
Z-score, Z value, T value, Bone physiological age, BQI, RRF, EOA
Probe frequency
Measure time
Single≤25s, Repetition ≤75s
Operation system
Windows XP or above
Suitable population
Baby, Children, Adult (including pregnant women and the elderly)


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