A Harvest Ending Of Nigeria Exhibition
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A Harvest Ending Of Nigeria Exhibition

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Healicom Medical Equipment Co.,LTD is a one-top company specializing in medical equipments,we have more than 10 years of rich medical experience and competitive prices,received a lot of Africa,South America and Asia customers praise and praise.Over the past 10 years,we have continuously improved our products and expanded the market.We have establish long term partners in various countries.In order to better understand customer feedback and serve old customers,we attended the exhibition in Nigeria on 9-11th Oct last year. 


During the exhibition,we kindly received both old and new customers.Old customers welcome our arrival,and said that the product quality is excellent,simple to operate,cheap prices,very worth buying.

The new customer checked our products carefully,inquired about some parameters and expressed the hope to establish a long term cooperation relationship with us,hoping to visit our company in the future.


In just three days,we have experienced the enthusiasm of the Nigeria people and hope to establish long term cooperative relations with Nigeria.Nigeria,see you next year!


Healicom Medical Equipment Co.,Limited

Healicom Medical Equipment Co.Limited. is a leading professional supplier with Medical equipments in China.

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