Medical H3000 Adult Nursing Manikin
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Medical H3000 Adult Nursing Manikin


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  • H3000
  • LCD Display
  • Dilated Pupil, Normal Pupil
  • Gastrostomy, Bladder Stoma, Colostomy, Ileal Stoma
  • Healicom
  • China
  • Yes
  • Exercise Operation; Examine Operation
  • The Congestion Stage, Ulcers Stage
  • Blood Pressure Measurement Arm
  • High quality
  • 90230090

Product Description

H3000 Advanced Adult Nursing Manikin

1. CPR training:
1) Simulate standard open airway
2) LCD counter display:The screen LCD display artificial respiration, external breast compression and pulse reaction 
3) Operation methods: exercise operation; examine operation
4) Operating cycle of examine operation: one cycle includes five times of 30:2 ratio of compression and artificial respiration
2. Carotid pulse
3. Pupil teach: dilated pupil, normal pupil
4. External ear canal flushing
5. Oxygen inhalation, aerosol inhalation therapy
6. Nasogastric surgery
7. Gastric lavage
8. Intramuscular injection
9. Subcutaneous of the left arm
10. Intravenous injection of the right arm
11. Stoma care: gastrostomy, bladder stoma, Colostomy, ileal stoma
12. Men and women genital interchangeable, catheterization, indwelling catheter and bladder irrigation
13. Decubitus care: the congestion stage, ulcers stage
14. Enema operation
1. Blood pressure measurement arm

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The following items will not be included in the above warranty:
1. If malfunction is caused by misuse, negligence or accidents.
2. If the original serial number label or product identification marks have been altered or removed.
3. If the equipments have been modified or repaired by any other person who is not from Healicom.
4. If products are not produced by Healicom.
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