HC-75001B ABS Hospital Furniture Emergency Trolley
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HC-75001B ABS Hospital Furniture Emergency Trolley


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Product Description

HC - 75001B  ABS Hospital Furniture Emergency Trolley 


Model: HC - 75001B

Model  HC - 75001B
Drawers 2 small, 2 middle & 1 big drawers
Size 750 * 475 * 930 mm
color blue gray  and red
layer five layers

Product Figure:





product description:
1. Mainly composed of aluminum, steel and ABS engineering plastic structure;Plastic steel column four column bearing;

2.ABS arc bottom injection molding process with handrails on both sides, professional sharp box, can be placed at will, sag design to prevent items from falling, sag size: 512*433*12mm table with 304 stainless steel guardrail, with transparent soft glass;

3. Left side of the vehicle body: the defibrillator platform can be used for left and right exchange of infusion rack, and the hidden sub-workbench can be used for detachable file box;

4. Right side of the vehicle body: concealed telescopic infusion rack can be used for left and right exchange of defibrillator platform, sharp box, and double dirt bucket;

5. Back of the car body: defibrillation board, concealed telescopic oxygen cylinder bracket, mobile power cord;

6. Car body front: central lock, with five layers, the first 2 small drawer surface is 80 mm, inside empty: x335 430 * 68 mm * 120 mm with the two of the empty: 430 x335 * within a 110 mm * 240 mm deep pumping empty: 430 x335 drawer 3 * 3 * 220 mm space, free space, * the drawer handle is dovetailed, sealing slot type transparent label card specification: 115 * 28 m m, prevent the liquid and dust;Label type area according to ergonomic design, slotted upward inclined for easy to see;

7. Bottom of car body: luxury universal insert mute wheel, two of which have brake function, casters are made of high-strength polyurethane, which are portable and flexible;


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