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H-CPR400s Hot Sale CPR Medical Training Manikin

  • H-CPR400S
  • Ce ISO
  • Medical Science
  • Monitor
  • Temperature Sensing Printer
  • Healicom
  • Jiangsu, China
  • 12months
  • Medical Training Manikin, Manikin
  • Full Body Manikin
  • Portable Plastic Box
  • CPR Operation Pad
  • CE, ISO
  • 9018909090

Product Description

Implement standard: 2010 guideline for CPR

1. Simulate standard open airway and sound prompting
2. External breast compression: indicator light display, digital counter display and sound prompting
a) Indicator light display of correct and wrong compression position; digital counter display; sound prompting of wrong compression.
b) Display of correct (at least 5cm) and wrong (less than 5cm) compression intensity; digital strip indicator light (yellow, green, red) shows compression depth; counter display; sound prompting of wrong operation.
3. Artificial respiration (Inhalation) indicator light display, digital counter display and sound prompting:
a) Inhalation is ≤500ml/600ml-1000≤, strip indicator light shows inhalation volume; counter display of correct and wrong operations, and sound prompting of wrong operation.
b) Inhalation too quickly or too much result in air entering into stomach; indicator light display; digital counter display; sound prompting.
4. Ratio of compression and artificial respiration: 30:2 (one or two person)
5. Operating cycle: one cycle includes five times of 30:2 ratio of compression and artificial respiration.
6. Operation frequency: at least 100 times per minute
7. Operation methods: exercise operation; examine operation
8. Operation time: counting down device
9. Sound prompting device: volume control; turning on or turning off sound prompting device
10. Print: print operation result
11. Examination of pupil response: mydriasis and myosis
12. Examination of carotid response: simulate spontaneous carotid pulse in compression process
13. Working conditions: Input power is 110-240V

Standard components:
1. Full body manikin (1)
2. Monitor (1)
3. Portable plastic box (1)
4. Temperature sensing printer (1)
5. CPR operation pad (1)
6. CPR face shield sheet (50pcs/box)
7. Exchangeable lung bag (5)
8. Exchangeable face skin (1)
9. Temperature sensing print paper (2 roll)
10. Guide manual (1)

PACKAGE SIZE: 97*33*58cm
G.W.: 21.8KGS

Standard components
Full body manikin (1)
Monitor (1)
Portable plastic box (1)
Temperature sensing printer (1)


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