High Quality HD-4000A kidney dialysis equipment hemodialysis machine for hospital
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High Quality HD-4000A kidney dialysis equipment hemodialysis machine for hospital


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Product Description

High Quality HD-4000 kidney dialysis equipment hemodialysis machine for hospital


Product Description
Intelligent Operation
. 12.1 inch LCD+touch screen, muti-language operation interface.
. Adjust the level of venous bubble catcher automatically to prevent blood pollution and reduce dialysis risk.
. Convenient process for sequential dialysis(Dialysis <-->IUF ) and high-low sodium sequential dialysis.

Safe & Effective Treatment
. The hydraulic,blood circuit and monitor system can be mandatory self-test, so that ensure the safety treatment.
. Ultrasonic and optical detector on venous ensures the safety of blood return.
. Dialysate configuration feedback control system to ensure accurate dialysate concentration.
. Advanced capacity balance feedback control system, ensures UF precision.

Visual lntelligent System
. Preset automatic switch time and disinfection mode, and record all disinfection.
.Dynamic tracking and monitoring functions such as arterial pressure, venous pressure and transmembrane pressure can respond to abnormal situations on time and alarm.

Powerful Compatibility
. Can be operated with Various brands of filters.. Compatible with various brands of dialysis powder,bloodline and other hemodialysis consumables.

Alarm LED
.The lV pole integrates three color alarm
LED such as red yellow green, which can be checked from distance with clear version.

KTV On-line
.The treatment guidance such as Urine clearance, Urea concentration decrease etc can be checked during the treatment, which can provide the treatment prescription.

.Measure the blood pressure and heart rate of the patients, which can decrease the operation burden of the medical staff.

Real-time Leak
.Balance system for real-time leak monitoring to ensure the safety of patient.

Back-up Power
.Blood circuit runs for more than 40minutes.

Comprehensive Treatment Mode
. HD
. Sequential HD

Multi-treatment Profiles,
Providing Personalized Treatment.
. Sodium profile
. Heparin flow profile
.UF rate profile
. Dialysate flow profile
. Carbonate profile
.Dialysate temperature profile

Bicart Holder
.Using Bicart online,avoid microbial contamination of B fluid.

lnformation System RJ45 Interface,
.The information management system
can be connected through the RJ45interface, so that realize intelligentand refined management of the entire treatment process.

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